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What if you could simulate that pitch before you gave it?

Angel Investor Simulator is built for Founders and Investors to simulate, learn and accelerate their journey across the private market.

Currently available for the following markets:



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Fundraising and early stage investing made practical.

Angel Investor Simulator is a cutting-edge digital twin of the private market; powered by AI, our centralised and scalable solution is meticulously built to help you learn, simulate and strategise your next venture or investment proposition – anytime, anywhere, risk free.

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Built by Founders and Investors.

Launching a Startup is difficult. So is being an Angel Investor. The private market is nuanced, complicated and difficult to engage with - and we want to change this!


We’re on a mission to empower the next generation of Angel Investors and Founders to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Currently available for the following markets:




What We Offer

Go from ideation to Investor-Ready or explore the dynamic world of early stage investing; Angel Investor Simulator delivers a tailored and comprehensive experience built around your needs and objectives. 

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Immersive Simulation

Simulate, strategise and practice core private market practices such as pitching, due diligence, investing and more. Take the plunge without the risk. 

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Mastery in Minutes

Access a growing library of 100+ bite sized e-learning modules and resources, designed specifically to help you grasp everything they need to know.

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AI Powered Mentorship

Consult with our our cutting edge and specifically trained AI powered mentor – Angelica with specific and detailed questions you need support with.

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Ready to Integrate

Seamlessly integrate Angel Investor Simulator with your existing Incubator or Angel Association to bridge the gap and scale at pace.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Used by 1000s of Founders and early stage Investors around the world to accelerate their journeys. 

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Solutions made for you

Angel Investor Simulator meets the needs of many regardless of where you may be on your journey.

Working in the Office

Built for Founders

We empower Startup Founders to think like Investors, navigate the funding landscape with confidence, and secure the capital they need to thrive.

Business Coffee Meeting

Built for Investors

Test your instincts in interactive simulations, and leverage expert resources to build a winning portfolio in this high-reward, high-stakes arena.

Creative Working

Built for Incubators and Accelerators

By equipping Founders with a strong knowledge base, EiRs and coaches can focus on providing in-depth, personalised guidance. 

Business Meeting

Built for Angel Associations

Hone your own practical skills and the skills of founding teams that you invest in; stepping into the real arena as seasoned players, not a scared rookie.

See how Angel Investor Simulator can accelerate your journey.

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